The miraculous story of a 2-year-old East Texas toddler has touched the hearts and souls of thousands of people.  On January 19, Tessa Aycock had slipped out of the house and went missing.  She was found nearly 30 minutes later in a nearby pond. CPR was immediately performed and somehow after no signs of life for over 35 minutes, Tessa's heartbeat miraculously returned.

The toddler's brain was without oxygen for over half an hour, so the road to recovery has been slow, arduous, and extremely expensive.  Unfortunately, there's no way of knowing how many more weeks, months, or years of therapy lie ahead for sweet Tessa.

A few days ago, I was writing a story concerning a fundraiser for Tessa that was happening this past Sunday at 58 Junction just outside Lufkin.  I decided to use the picture of her in which she is dressed in a pink top and boots while sitting in front of a Can-Am vehicle.

As I was posting the photo, something caught my eye. There in the upper left corner of the photo, where the sun penetrates through the trees, it looks like there is a figure of some sort standing sideways.  On both sides of what seems to be the shape of a head, are lighted swirls, and one could make the argument for the presence of wings. Check out the area outlined in blue.

attachment-tessa sun_LI

Let me go ahead and state that when it comes to the paranormal, I'm very much a skeptic.  I'm not saying that ghosts and chairs moving across the floor are a hoax, but I just have my doubts. However, I do believe in angels. I do believe that if we only observe, God gives us signs to guide and comfort us.  Is the 'figure' in the picture something along those lines? Is my imagination taking it too far? Is it nothing more than an optical coincidence?

I don't have the answers, but I wanted more people to take a look and get their opinions.  I know the picture was taken before Tessa's accident, but, as I said earlier, sometimes we're given signs to give us hope and strength, no matter what the timing may be.

So, if the photo brings you hope and comfort -- great.  If not, that's fine, as well.  The photo touched my heart, I just wanted to share it.

Tessa Aycock's Miraculous Road to Recovery

2-year-old Tessa Aycock from Trinity County in Texas was underwater for nearly 30 minutes and without a heartbeat for nearly an hour. Here are some of her family's photos on her miraculous road to recovery


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