This Super Bowl ad is already getting people talking. It was shown online earlier this week and a lot of people find it offensive and racist.

The ad is "Get Happy." It shows a guy from Minnesota at work and he is so happy because he drives a VW Beetle that he speaks with a Jamaican accent.

Now to be fair, the people at Volkswagen showed this add to 100 Jamaicans and they all loved it.

I wonder if Volkswagen execs were worried about this though since they felt they had to get feedback.

Might I add, I love Jamaica and I love the people of that beautiful country. I've traveled to a lot of different countries and I have always found the people of Jamaica  very up beat and positive. Their smiles and attitudes are infectious. So, actually instead of buying a VW Beetle, I think I'll just try to get back to Jamaica as soon as I can! I mean really, what is more happy than being on island time?

Checking the VISIT JAMAICA facebook page, it's nothing but POSITIVE... see!


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