There are so many people here in the great state of Texas that have a bit of a sweet tooth. Which is why we love sweet treats so much such as banana pudding, Pecan pie, and every cobbler ever created. And while we know these treats might not be the healthiest decision for us to make, they taste so good we are willing to deal with the consequences. Although most candies are not linked to cancer, we are finding out that some are, and we should do our best to stay away from those.  

The problem with a few of these specific candies is that they are created using Red Dye 3. While I might not do as much research on food products as I should, I did see that over 35,000 people have signed a petition calling for the FDA to ban the use of Red Dye 3 because it is such a dangerous food chemical. While we all love candy and sweet treats, I don’t know anyone willing to eat the treats if they know it could lead to getting cancer.  

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What Candy Do Texans Need to Avoid? 

As we approach the Easter holiday it’s important that we all remember that purple and pink colored Peeps candies are still made with Red Dye #3.  There are about 2,900 food products on the market using Red Dye #3.  

Peeps Linked to Cancer

Do Your Best to Avoid Red Dye #3 

There is probably going to be a time where you consume Red Dye 3 without even knowing it. But if you can avoid it by leaving Peeps on the shelf this year, that will probably be for the best.  

8 Peeps Products Containing a Carcinogen Called Red Dye #3

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