Spring Time Averages in East Texas

It's mid-April in the Pineywoods and there is greenery all around. This time of the year, our average high temperature is around 80 and the average low is in the mid-50s.

But, as anyone who has lived in East Texas can tell you, the weather in these parts can be somewhat unstable.

First...the Heat

The Pineywoods can expect a significant warming trend over the next several days. We will be in the 80s for highs this weekend, and then approaching 90 degrees by next Wednesday (4/17).

A storm system may bring some rain on Tuesday, but it looks like the brunt of the severe weather will stay to the north of Deep East Texas, at least that's what they are saying for now.

Storm Prediction Center
Storm Prediction Center

Then...The Cold Snap

Just when you thought it might be safe to put away your sweaters and jackets until the fall, Mother Nature is about to deliver a curve ball.

Numerous computer weather models are forecasting that a strong cold front will sweep across much of the United States late next week. (Go to the 14:45 mark of the video below)

Friday, April 19 through Sunday, April 21, the Pineywoods will experience temperatures quite a bit below normal.

This cold front shouldn't bring record-setting temperatures, or be a threat to kill tender vegetation, but, it will make you rethink your wardrobe decisions.

For the weekend of April 19, most models show three straight days of highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s. A couple of the forecasts expect the high temperature to stay below 60 on Saturday, April 20.

We Are Still A Week Away

Even with today's technology, forecasting the weather 7 days out can still bring a large margin of error. However, with several computer models predicting this cold snap, it definitely bears watching.

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