It's one of those things we've all heard over and over, but some folks just aren't worried about it. Guys, whether your driving during rush hour in Dallas, TX or on a backroad in west Texas, NEVER DRIVE WITH YOUR FEET ON THE DASHBOARD.

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It's extremely dangerous.

During a study, read more on it here, when your drive with your feet up like this "it is actually the seat belt that causes bulk of the damage, having the feet up on the dashboard has caused the dummy to slip down underneath the belt which means the internal organs have borne the brunt of impact."

The study also found that, "upon impact passenger frontal airbags are deployed from inside the dashboard and if your feet are up at the height of the dash your legs will be pushed upward rather than keeping your legs and lower body secured in a seated position."

I get it, though. It's not going to happen to you, right?

Let me introduce you to TikToker Deann Saenz-Ashbaugh (@dsaenz94), she thought that too, until she was seriously injured in an accident earlier this year.

My feet were on the dash and we were t-boned on my side. We rolled. I went unconscious... My left foot, the tibia and fibula broke. My right foot got stuck between the dash window. You just don't think it's going to happen to you until it happens to you, she warns.

It's been just over two months since the accident  and she is still in a brace due to these injuries.


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Wear your seatbelts correctly, drive safely.

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