There are so many good dogs that are living their best life here in the great state of Texas. While I realize they are dogs, my two furry family members are just that, family members. So, what do you get for your family members when you want to get them a good gift. There are some obvious choices, but I wanted to help come up with more creative ideas for any reason you might be giving your furry family member a gift. 

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Dog toys are always a great start, you can spend as much as you want as there are very inexpensive dog toys that won’t last very long. You also have the option of buying more expensive dog toys that tend to last longer although you just never known until you get the toy how and see how your dog reacts to it. But seeing your dog happy with a new toy is always so much fun to watch. 

Gifts for Your Dog Are Gifts for You Too 

It might sound silly to say but when you get a toy for your dog, you’re also giving them a way to spend time and energy on something other than you or possibly getting into trouble doing something else. I know that when my dog Cooper is low on toys, that is when he tends to do something naughty such as eat my wife's shoes, which is probably his worst habit.  

Let’s Look at Some Good Doggy Gift Ideas 

Beyond just regular stuffed dog toys, here is a look at some other ideas you can give your dog as a gift.  

Great Gift Ideas for the Dogs in Your Life

If you want to spoil your dog and go beyond just a normal stuffed toy, here are some great options.

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The 20 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

If you're looking for a loyal dog who will always be by your side I would choose one of these dog breeds.

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