Texas. We are pretty proud of the history of our state.

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We were an independent nation for nine years. Texas is the home of one of the most storied conflicts in history (Battle of the Alamo). The dome of our Capitol is several feet higher than that of the nation's Capitol dome in Washington, D.C.


Bragging About Our Friendliness

Texans also like to brag about our cordial nature. Heck, ever since 1930 the official State Motto of Texas is 'Friendship'.

Our state derived its name from a variation of a Native American word meaning friends or allies. So, when you say 'Texas', you are basically saying 'Friends'.

Welcome to Texas state road sign at the state border

However, some historians say that the timing of that scenario doesn't exactly mesh. The name, Texas, they say is probably derived from an old-dialect Spanish word that was associated with the Bald Cypress.

But, that's an argument for another time. For now, we will stay with the 'Friendly' origin of Texas.

What Does Texas Mean in Norway?

Beautiful green northern lights and snowmobile on foreground, Norway

The word 'texas' has become a mainstay in the Norwegian vocabulary. You'll notice that I did not capitalize the word. That's the way they write it in Norway.

Texas in this Scandinavian country is an adjective that means 'crazy' or 'lawless'. According to a BBC.com report, "Helt Texas," is a common phrase that translates to "Completely crazy."

The Origins of Texas Meaning Crazy

There is no malicious intent to the origins of Texas meaning crazy. It's easy to see how the transition took place.

American Westerns have been popular in Norway for decades. Those movies depict frontier life as wild, crazy, and lawless. Many of those flicks were based in Texas. That's how those adjectives became interchangeable with Texas.

The Silent Man

Some found it hard to believe that this could be true, so Snopes.com jumped into fact-check and this is what they found.

So, if you go to Norway, you may not want to say something like, "Does any place serve Texas food?" You could end up going to a restaurant that serves some really crazy dishes.

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