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  • Angelina Brewing Company closed for good on Saturday, February 5, 2022.
  • Since then it's been fairly dry downtown.
  • New Rusty Axe Brewery is now open after over a year of anticipation.

If it's true that perfection takes time and good things come to those who wait, then the Rusty Axe Brewery has to be as close to perfection as you can get. We first got wind that they were opening up in June of 2021.

We originally had an opening date of Summer 2022, and now they are open just a few months shy of that goal at 113 North First Street in downtown Lufkin.

Watching them work so hard on getting everything ready for customers has been nothing short of inspirational. This will be the third brewery that has opened in downtown Lufkin, and the other two have closed for good.

Rusty Axe Brewery In Downtown Lufkin Is Now Open

They opened up last week for a soft opening, and the reviews are already pouring in. This place was tailor-made for Lufkin, and there is bound to be something on tap or on the menu that you like.

I've already heard rave reviews about the bread pudding, angel eggs, ahi tuna salad, and Korean bbq pizza. We already knew the beer was on point, so positive reviews about the food are a great sign.

They are open Monday - Saturday starting at 5 PM with an undetermined closing time as they figure out their hours. If you want to try this new place before their grand opening, make sure and check out their facebook first.

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