The amount of events that occur in Texas is simply gigantic.

Every day, there's probably a certain type of event going on around you that you might not have realized was happening. From grand openings to big sales and even birthday celebrations, many exciting things happen here in the Lone Star State.

Then there's the big events we all know about in the state of Texas. The State Fair Of Texas is an example many know of. But there's another huge event many know of called Rodeo Houston which is the focus of today.

But why exactly are we talking about? Could it be the prices? Or perhaps the new rides there? Nope, it's the people going to event itself!

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Rodeo Houston And It's Gigantic Cause Of Population Growth


So it seems that many have made their way to the city of Houston to take in the event. How do we know this? Well, all you have to do is take a look at social media to find out how increasingly insane it has gotten.

We also apologize, as a NSFW word in is the beginning of the video:

First off, HOLY COW that is a lot of people in one area of Texas! How does anyone get from one place to another without almost losing someone from a group for a second? Everybody needs to wear a certain type of clothing if they're going to the rodeo it seems like.

So to say the least, if you're going to Rodeo Houston, be prepared for it to take some to get to where you're going!

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