Texas has always been a wild state, ever since it was established.

We've seen all types of animals in the Lone Star state, but there's always a chance we'll see an animal we never seen. Most of the time, those animals aren't going to harm us. Especially when there's something blocking them from hurting us.

However, what we don't think about is how these animals deal with the weather elements. While we stay warm in our respective homes, some animals stay outside in the colder temps. Some may wonder how animals without fur are able to cope with bitter cold.

As is turns out, one animal in Texas survived the recent freeze, and it's quite unbelievable to some.

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One Texas Alligator Survives The Cold, But Barely

According to CBS News, the story is set in Beaumont, Texas. Due to temperatures the state went through, we all prepped our homes accordingly as best we could. However, the outside we could only handle so much.

Many bodies of water in the state of Texas were simply frozen solid, with some life unable to deal with the freeze. One alligator however, was able to make out it alive, in what can only be described as a incredible feat:

The alligator...intentionally submerged itself in the water with only its nose above! Then it slowed its heart-rate to 3 beats per second?!? That's unbelievable!

CBS News further explains what the process, brumation, does for reptiles. You can also learn more about it here. But, wow, isn't nature amazing?

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