The Dallas Cowboy's victory over Detroit on Monday Night Football was exciting to watch on TV...I can only imagine how awesome it would have been to watch the game in person.  One man had that opportunity, that is until he broke up with his fiance...via text. 

According to a report on, Brenna Clanton from Austin received a break-up text message from her then-fiance back in October.  Before that text message, Clanton had already done some Christmas shopping and had bought a pair of tickets for the December 26th Dallas/Detroit game that she was going to use to surprise her fiance at Christmas.

Her fiance may have surprised her with the text message, but Clanton got the last laugh.  She decided to have a little fun with the revenge and made a poster bordered with fur that read "My fiancé dumped me in a text message. He should have waited until after Christmas."

The poster was photographed by several folks and has now gone viral.  In fact, a TV station in Austin did an interview with Clanton to shed more light on the situation.

I don't know if Miss Clanton is looking to rebound in a relationship any time soon, but she's a big time Dallas Cowboys fan and she's willing to give Cowboy's tickets as gifts...something tells me they'll be lining up at her door.

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