Josh Thompson says he went through over a dozen different treatments for the music video accompaniment to his new song ‘Comin’ Around’ and picked the strangest one deliberately. The clip, which was just released, is a simple production, with little flash or sizzle. The singer says he relates to that.

“It was so bizarre and edgy and way out there,” Thompson tells the Boot, who premiered the music video on Friday. “Almost matched my soul. [laughs]”

The long-haired singer enters the video by plugging a quarter into an antique vending machine that sits in the middle of a winter-dead field. Thompson sits on a stump and begins singing. That’s pretty much all there is, except for the carnival-style wheel of images that seem to grow out of the ground.

The pictures that the wheel turns out belong to Thompson’s family. “(They) go back to my grandpa, my parents when they were young, me when I was young, up until the present,” he explains. “It’s a menagerie of all the moments that define me, turn a circle and come around.”

Director P.R. Brown opted for a age-worn yellow tint in the video, which is blemished (intentionally) by flaws in the cinema reel. When Thompson finishes playing the song, he stands up and walks away, leaving his guitar for the next person with a quarter and five minutes to kill.

Watch Josh Thompson’s ‘Comin’ Around’ Video

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