If it's pollen you want, it's going to be pollen you get for the next few months. Once I see that sticky yellow stuff hit the car, I know I'm in for a treat. Especially if it just rains a little while that pollen is on your vehicle. But don’t worry, all is not lost. I own two black vehicles and my next vehicle will most likely be black as well.

It’s not that other vehicles have less pollen on them, it’s just that you can’t see it as well. So if you still want a darker colored car, and have to live and work in a high pollen area, here are some tips.

Dan Patrick TSM Lufkin

As you can see here, this is typical pollen on a black vehicle. On top of the pollen being there, the worst possible thing happened. It rained on it, not enough to actually wash away the pollen, just enough to make it stick.

Car Duster

Enter my secret weapon the “California Car Duster” just like dusting your house, you can pick these up at any car care center, for around $11. Just dust off the vehicle, it only takes about 3 min to get the entire car pollen free. Now in my case, it had rained after the pollen was on the car, so I used Turtle Wax Ice Car detailer for the spots. I like the Ice brand because you can use it in direct sunlight, and around here, that is the norm. I dust first, then with a microfiber cloth, apply detailer, it will be back to it's natural color in no time. If your car isn’t actually dirty, and you just washed it, I can tell you that this will save you a lot of frustration.