When Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman decide to hit the town for a date night, these two know how to do it up right. Urban took his lady love out for a night of RAWK in Nashville Monday (Aug. 19), catching the legendary band Iron Maiden at Bridgestone Arena for their stop in Music City.

Not only did Urban and Kidman enjoy a nice dose of classic metal, they apparently were able to meet the band as well, as evidenced by a photo Urban shared on Instagram showing the couple posing with the group. While we are sure Kidman appreciated the experience, she likely was more amused by seeing her husband go into full fanboy mode, gushing over the chance to hang with the icons.

To say that Urban was excited is somewhat of an understatement. "It was a surreal dream come true for me (us) to meet you guys- AND then when u hit the stage....???- HOLY SHIT...... I told Nic 'you wanna see THE MASTERS?- here they are,'" he elaborated. "You delivered a f--king ATOMIC EXPLOSION of EVERYTHING that makes you THE GREATEST. The playing- the arrangements- the set list- the sound, the lighting- EDDY!!!!- and BRUUUUUUUUCE- good God man- you’re super human.

The show was part of Iron Maiden's Legacy of the Beast tour, which kicked off its North American leg last month.

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