Kelly Clarkson staged a pretend press conference to announce that she will be releasing her second children's book this October. But while her daughter, River Rose, was scheduled to attend the media day, it turns out her 3-year-old had much better things to do than take questions from the press.

While mom answered questions, River Rose was backstage getting her nails done and twirling in a beautiful dress, likely picked out for the special occasion.

“The real River Ross, who has yet to make this press conference, she loves Christmas,” Clarkson says in the video. “She’s at such a fun age. She's three and it’s a fun time for kids and Christmas, and she just gets so excited about it. I thought it would be a fun book for her to read.”

River Rose and the Magical Christmas will be released Oct. 24.

Clarkson also wrote a song for the book release. Titled "Christmas Eve," the pop-country star explains that it's a celebratory song from the perspective of Santa's elves on Christmas Eve.  “We thought it would be more fun, since it’s a Christmas book, that I could write a full song that could have been on my Christmas album,” she says.

River Rose and the Magical Christmas follows Clarkson's first children's book, River Rose and the Magical Lullaby. For that book, she also wrote a lullaby for the release in 2016.

For more on River Rose and the Magical Christmas, watch the adorable video above.

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