What's the old saying?

When life gives you lemons, just make lemonade.  Well, we say, when life gives you an ice storm, power outages, snow storm, no water pressure, and a yard full of tree limbs, just get out of town.

As Valentine's Day approached, we were ready to launch our KICKS 105 After Valentine's Giveaway on February 15.  The angle being that if you didn't get the Valentine's present you were hoping for, we would step in and give you the chance to win a romantic giveaway to Crystal Beach.

Apparently, Mother Nature didn't get what she wanted for the 14th, and all ice broke loose...as did many of our water pipes.  We're still referring to the contest as our After Valentine's Giveaway, but a romantic getaway doesn't necessarily have to be the reason you want to win this. Maybe you would just like to get together with up to 19 of your friends and relax, party, mingle, or just plant a beach lounger on the shore and not move at all.

KICKS 105 has teamed up with Kelly's Truck Parts and KP2 Properties to give you the opportunity to win a two-night weekend stay at the beautiful Silla Azul Villa Beach House on Crystal Beach.

You can bring up to NINETEEN OF YOUR FRIENDS or you could just make it a quiet getaway.  You would need to use the getaway on the weekend of April 9-11 or May 14-16.

There's a lot of other stuff the winner gets including $600 worth of VISA Gift Cards compliments of BPL Plasma - Lufkin, Livingston Lawn & Garden and Whippoorwill Septic.  The winner also gets a $100 gift certificate from Casa Ole in Lufkin and a $200 gift certificate to East Texas Pawn in Lufkin.

Take a look at some of the pics from the beach house and click here to get signed up to win!


Silla Azul Villa


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