Every weekday, listeners are winning cash with the Cash Cow.  We guarantee that there will be two winners of $1,000 every day, and at the end of the contest - a $10,000 grand prize winner.

What would you do with that kind of money? You could finally get around to paying off some bills, make a down payment on a new vehicle, or maybe just load up on Lunchables and toilet paper.  Do whatever you want, it's your money.

Katie Lightfoot of Lufkin is one of our recent $1,000 winners and she plans on doing a little bit of a shopping spree and then saving the rest of the money.  Katie is one of many in the area who are getting their entries in for the chance to win thousands with the KICKS 105 Cash Cow.

It's easy to play.  Just download our KICKS 105 App.

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Then, listen for the codewords every weekday.  We'll announce them at 20 past the hour from 8:20 am through 5:20 pm.  Every time you enter a word into our KICKS 105 App on the Cash Cow Contest Page, you increase the odds of winning up to $10,000. By the way, there is a bonus word that is mentioned every weeknight on Taste of Country Nights at 7:20 pm.

Keep listening to KICKS, and keep playing the Cash Cow Contest, brought to you by Truss & Son Plumbing.  Oh, and keep your phone nearby in case we call to inform you that you've just won anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 Cash!

The Cash Cow has become quite the money factory over the past few years.  Here are some of the winners in the past week as well as those in previous months and years.  We'd love to add your picture to the list.

Cash Cow Winners - 092721



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