One of the prerequisites for being a radio personality is that you must be willing to do dumb things even when no one double dog dares you.  Steve Rixx, Sean Ericson, and me (Danny Merrell) decided that eating the worst Halloween candy mixture would be a neat thing to do.  

The first thing we did was to allow our listeners to vote on their least favorite candies.  The top vote-getters were the following:

  • Licorice
  • Tart Gummy Worms
  • Swedish Fish
  • Candy Corn
  • Orange Circus Peanuts

So, we purchased those confections, stuck them in a bowl in a microwave, nuked them, and grabbed some utensils...which incidentally were partially evaporated by this toxic concoction, but we ate it anyway.

The mixture actually smelled and tasted worse than the images you see in the video.  That means it was really rank.  We deduced that the main culprit was the circus peanuts which lead Sean Ericson to perform a separate experiment.

Our conclusions:

  • Circus peanuts are made up of swamp gas, vinegar, Amazon tree frog venom, and a little sugar...basically the same ingredients that are in jagermeister, except for the alcohol.
  • Our boss is going to be very mad at us for destroying a nice bowl and for vaporizing the silver ware.
  • We have invented a new substance that rivals Gorilla Glue, but ours is kind of edible
  • Do not try this at it at the office
  • Chocolate...just stick to chocolate this Halloween.


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