Right now, in our KICKS 105 lobby, we have a beautiful 7-foot flocked Christmas tree.


I've been here with KICKS for a long time and as far back as I can remember we work out a deal with Timberland Nursery and they deliver a tree that we display for our visitors to see.

Well, we don't get that many visitors to our studios.  We get the occasional delivery of mail and packages, a few winners will stop by to pick up prizes, and sometimes a few clients will stop in to record a commercial or public service announcement.  It occurred to us that this Christmas tree would be put to better use if it was in the middle of someone's living room spreading holiday cheer to a family in need.

So, we want to give it away.

If you could put this Christmas tree to good use, whether for yourself or for someone else, let us know. Just contact us by sending an e-mail to the following address:


Give us your contact information such as your name, city of residence and phone number. No need to go into details about the need of the Christmas tree.  We trust it's for a good cause.  We will do a drawing on Wednesday morning at 7:30 to see who will be getting the tree.

The person drawn must be able to have the Christmas tree picked up from the KICKS 105 lobby during business hours (8:30 - 4:30).  If possible, the tree would need to picked up by the close of business Friday, December 10.


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