Lindsay Ell loves John Mayer, gelato and chocolate Smarties — but these are just a few things Taste of Country got the scoop on during this week’s episode of Last Question.

What does Ell miss most about Canada? What's a fictional place she'd love to visit? How many guitars does she have? Does she name her guitars? These are just a few of the questions Ell answered for us while trying to get to her car.

One thing this guitar shredder misses about her native Canada? Chocolate Smarties. "They're amazing!" she says with a big smile. She'd love to visit Narnia (yes, she knows it's fictional), and if you can believe it, she owns 25 guitars! And they're all named — names like Ben and Leroy.

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It perhaps comes as no surprise that Ell, a huge John Mayer fan, says his 2006 release, Continuum, is her favorite album of all time. But does she think he's hot? "Yeah!" she responds enthusiastically. Of course.

The "Waiting on You" singer calls Nashville home now, and she admits that her favorite thing about Music City is the food, especially her favorite barbecue joint, Edley's. And in keeping up with the food theme, we had to know whether she prefers ice cream or gelato. It was an easy response: "Gelato. I could eat it all day!"

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