I was in college when the Liberty Bell made its way onto the brick streets of Nacogdoches. It quickly became quite the unique hangout in Nacogdoches, with live music, a stocked bar, and a cool location to hang out. This was in 2013.

Music artists and bands such as Folk Family Revival and Brick Street Blues made their way to the Liberty Bell, and left their mark on Nac, and brought people in from all over. I was one of the people that could be found in there, enjoying the music and hanging out with friends.

However, it's now coming, or rather, has come to a close.

Yesterday, as I was scrolling through Facebook, I came across a post from The Liberty Bell account that caught my attention. Right in the middle of one of the paragraphs, the sentence, "We are closed," was typed out, along with a video.

So, if you haven't seen or heard, the Liberty Bell has closed its doors for good. It was on the brick streets of downtown Nac from 2013 - 2018. I'm glad I got to enjoy it while it was here.



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