On an average day, the Winnie Berry Humane Society of Angelina County (HSAC) houses around 50 dogs and/or cats.  There is no way the facility could take on an additional 70+ furry friends on top of those for which they already care.    

However, when you have over 70 pairs of pleading eyes staring at you like the dog above, and you realize that many of these dogs and cats are less than 48 hours from being killed, you can't help but make a decision that's led by the heart.

Some of these animals come from Trinity County, some from the Alto area, but most all of them were living in terrible conditions and their caretakers had either passed away or could no longer afford to provide them food, drink, and shelter.  Many of them were chained and exposed to the elements, but now these dogs and cats are being housed at either HSAC or at Southwood Drive Animal Clinic.  However, this is only a very temporary solution.

The ideal scenario is to quickly find good and structured forever homes and families for these deserving dogs and cats, and the officials at the HSAC are making this as simple and affordable as possible.  For any of these 70+ dogs/cats, the adoption fee is waived, plus the first round of shots is included.  There must be a commitment from the eventual owner(s) to spay or neuter their new pets.  Most of the dogs are young adults with some as young as two weeks old.

If you're unable to take a furry friend into your family, then there are other ways to help.  Donations of food, paper towels, blankets, kitty litter, newspapers, puppy pads, and, of course, money can help offset the massive cost to shelter these rescued animals.  If you can volunteer your time at the HSAC, that would also be a major help to an overworked staff.

For more information, please call the Winnie Berry Humane Society of Angelina County at 936-639-1880.

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