A New Brookshire Brothers

In October of last year, dignitaries had the official ground-breaking ceremony for a new Brookshire Brothers that will be constructed on Highway 69 in Huntington. A lot of progress has been made on the north end of town as the grocery store, gas pumps, and tobacco outlet are taking shape.

The long-standing Brookshire Brothers in Huntington continues to operate at the intersection of Highway 69 and Main Street. I haven't seen the official notice, but I'm sure that store will be closing down once the new one opens.

Going Out With A Bang

Before the 'old' Brookshire Brothers shuts its doors for good, it can claim one last 'hurrah'. Earlier this month, someone walked into the grocery store and purchased a winning $10 Texas Lottery scratch-off ticket that paid out BIG!

The game is called 50X Cashword with a winning top payout of $250,000.

Texas Lottery
Texas Lottery

As you can tell, it's one of those scratch-off games that takes a while to complete.

I don't know if the lucky person played the game in the parking lot of Brookshire Brothers or waited until they got home, but I can only imagine the number of times he or she double-checked the words to make sure they truly were holding on to a grand prize $250,000 ticket.

Fun Fact About 50X Cashword

The game features a total of twelve grand prize winning tickets, each paying out a quarter of a million dollars. When that ticket was purchased a few weeks ago in Huntington, eleven of those winning tickets had already been claimed. Whoever won in Huntington was lucky enough to find the last winning $250,000 payout.

The winning ticket was turned in to lottery officials on July 13 and I haven't seen anyone come forward with a winning name. So, I'm guessing the person who won would like to stay anonymous.

Lightning Strikes Twice in Huntington

This isn't the first time that someone has won big Texas Lottery money in Huntington. In 2010, Paul Clark won $1.8 million playing the Texas Two Step.

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