A press release from the City of Lufkin and Angelina County have given details concerning the rescinding of the Stay Home - Stay Safe orders that were issued a few weeks ago.

Angelina County Judge Don Lymbery and City of Lufkin Mayor Bob Brown have each rescinded their respective Stay Home – Stay Safe orders today, effective on April 24, 2020, in light of Governor Abbott’s announcement on April 17, 2020, of sweeping statewide efforts to open Texas incrementally for business.
Governor Abbott announced his sweeping plan to reopen Texas following the COVID-19 pandemic, and the coming executive orders to implement the statewide plan.
“While we want to make clear nothing has yet changed in the current restrictions on activities of our citizens, Governor Abbott’s announcement of a state coordinated reopening effort makes our local orders no longer necessary and might even lead to confusion in coming days. Therefore, so as not to confuse our citizens, we have taken the step of rescinding our respective orders and directing residents to the one voice of the governor,” Mayor Bob Brown said.
County Judge Don Lymbery added, “We encourage residents of the county and city to continue to strictly follow the state’s current executive order. We also encourage everyone to follow closely the coming executive orders that will implement the governor’s return to work plan in the coming days and weeks. Hopefully, we will soon see a return to business and other activities while at the same time protecting our most vulnerable citizens.”

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