October is Dyslexia Awareness month and to celebrate the Lufkin Independent School District is presenting their Dyslexia Showcase at the Museum of East Texas.

What is the 'Dyslexia Showcase'?

Dyslexic students across the Lufkin district will have artwork on display at the Museum of East Texas this Sunday (10/2) from 2 to 4 p.m. You'll see sculptures, drawings and paintings from students of all ages. After the showcase, the items will go on an online auction with proceeds benefiting the Alys Ray Dyslexia Achievement Scholarship.

Over 100 items representing many amazing students that are talented in different ways are on display at the Museum of East Texas, and these same exhibits are also up for auction with bids starting at $1, with $1 increments. Of course, you are encouraged to bid from your heart as money through the Alys Ray Dyslexia Achievement Scholarship (501c3) fund will be used for graduating Seniors.

Contributed Photo/McGuire
Contributed Photo/McGuire

All art auction contributions (winning bids and monetary donations) are tax deductible.

What is Dyslexia?

The Lufkin Independent School District Dyslexia/Literacy team consists of Literacy Interventionists and Dyslexia Therapists that support students from Kindergarten to 12th Grade within their literacy journey. Research over the past years have proven that Dyslexia is not a reflection at all upon a person's intelligence level or capacity. However, this condition does present challenges in learning and in daily activities.

Find out more about Dyslexia here.

There are numerous Dyslexia programs in school districts across East Texas.  These programs and their staff have done an excellent job in helping students work through these challenges and to instill confidence in these youth.

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