Thursday around noontime, Lufkin Police responded to a report of shots being fired in the 1400 block of Kurth Drive. As officers responded to the area to locate the source, a woman reported that she and her husband had been shot at while driving in their vehicle on Kurth Drive.

According to the report, the woman said that they were driving down Timberland Drive in their Suburban when they encountered a man they identified as Daryus Wooten, 20, in a Mercury Marquis. She said there had been issues between them in the past.

The women also alleged that as they continued onto Kurth Drive – them in the inside lane, Wooten in the outside lane – Wooten swerved at them. They swerved back at him in response, according to an uninvolved witness.

The swerving continued down Kurth Drive until Wooten reportedly fired at least three shots at their vehicle.  The man and woman pulled off to the side of the street and Wooten drove away. After they saw him leave, they drove to their home nearby and called for police assistance.

Lufkin officers noted three bullet holes in the rear quarter panel/bumper area of their vehicle. Shell casings were also recovered from the road where the shooting occurred.

No injuries were reported in this case.

Lufkin Police will obtain a warrant for Wooten’s arrest on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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