According to a report from the Lufkin Police Department, a woman's Cadillac SRX and purse were stolen during an early morning burglary that occurred on Wednesday, May 2nd in the 100 block of Springwood Circle in southeast Lufkin.

The woman said she went to bed Tuesday night with her vehicle securely in her garage and woke Wednesday morning to find it gone, along with her purse which she believes was on her kitchen counter. Her teenage son said the vehicle was in the garage around midnight. Her debit card was used at a gas station and officers recovered video of the suspect

Raiford "Brad" Durham, 35, of Lufkin, and Chelsea Paddie, 19, of Hemphill, were arrested Wednesday night when officers spotted the stolen vehicle at a gas station, occupied by Durham, Paddie and another woman. When officers made a felony traffic stop on the vehicle, Durham, the front-seat passenger, attempted to flee on foot. He was ordered to the ground and taken into custody on charges of debit card abuse and evading arrest.

Paddie, the driver, was taken into custody for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, while the other woman was checked for warrants and released. Paddie also had an order of surrender of for possession of a controlled substance. The vehicle owner arrived at the scene and noted obvious damage to her SUV, which she had just purchased, that had not been there previously.

The incident remains under investigation.

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