Many reading this know that I have been providing daily updates and photos from a Cancun resort as my daughter gets ready to have her destination wedding here.

It's been a little difficult compiling all the daily pictures, so I think my next post on the destination wedding will be a recap of the actual day of the nuptials.

That being said, I have learned some interesting things that I believe would go a long way in helping Americans when they visit Cancun.  So, I now present

My Top 5 Overlooked Hints That Will Help You in Cancun

Beware of the buses

The public transportation system of Cancun is outstanding, at least it is around the major tourist areas around the Hotel Zone.  Look for the red bus with SEA on the side and for $1 (US), and it will take you all along the circuit that makes up the Island of Cancun. If you didn't catch the red bus at the stop, don't worry, there should be another one coming in less than 10 seconds.  There are lots and lots of these red buses.

Word of warning - this is not a school bus.  Once you have paid your fare, you are considered to be safely on the bus.  There is no waiting for you to get to your seat.  The bus will accelerate and if you're not prepared, you will end up in someone's lap.  Believe me, accelerating into a stranger's lap who does not understand English is ten times beyond awkward.

Pour Some Sugar on Me

For some reason, the sugar content in the drinks here in Cancun is higher than in the U.S. Whether you're drinking a Coke, Fanta, Gatorade, or Fresca, get ready for a different kind of flavor. Unfortunately, I haven't found a Mountain Dew or a Dr. Pepper on the island yet.

Even alcoholic drinks have more sugar in them. Margaritas...pina is a sweetness overload. I think Buddy the Elf might work at the beverage-making places in Mexico.  If I tried some spaghetti at one of the resort's restaurants, I wouldn't be surprised to find some syrup in it.

The Last Straw

Frozen drinks abound at our resort.  They are refreshing and they are good.  Many of them have ended up in my nose or on my eyes. Straws are not available in a number of places in Cancun.  None are given with the drinks at our resort.  So, when you're trying to get a glob of icy goodness from point A (your glass) to point B (your mouth), there's a good chance other orifices on your face (points C through H, if you include the ears) will get an avalanche of sticky sweetness.

Making the Right Choice

We are staying at the Wyndham Alltra Cancun which is located in the Hotel Zone of Cancun.  They have a sister property called the Wyndham Alltra Playa Del Carmen.  That location, which is quite a few kilometers (metric system friendly since I'm in Mexico) south of the Cancun resort is an adults-only resort.  Make sure you choose the right location.

Case in point, I met a friendly couple at the main pool several evenings ago.  While we were talking, we noticed that a huge inflatable castle was going up near the pool.  It was the centerpiece of an elaborate Disney musical presentation that was about to take place. The couple was perplexed, why would an adults-only resort have a show aimed toward kids. Can you guess what happened? They had booked the wrong resort, they thought they were supposed to be at the adults-only Alltra.

Oh well...they took it all in stride and simply ordered another overly-sweet drink.

Carry a Big Stick

I'm talking about a streaming stick, like a Roku or Amazon Fire Stick.  I commend the resort on the numerous amounts of channels available to us, but, this is Mexico, not the USA.  If you want to have a large selection of the English channels you're used to, come prepared with your streaming stick.  Otherwise, be prepared to watch a Spanish-speaking Spongebob, which is actually pretty entertaining when you're drinking your 8th overly-sweet beverage of the day.


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