It has been a couple of decades since a young man named Flint Thompson walked through the front doors of the KICKS 105 Studios and asked me to listen to his song 'My Time With You'.  We played the song and the response was amazing. For many months to come, that was our most requested song.

Now, as we flash forward to 2022, Thompson has once again reached out to me about some of his music. The Lufkin native has been working tirelessly on a new album titled, "Pictures of You".

The lead single from that album is "We've Got to Keep On Meeting Like This", a song which was penned by country songwriting heavy hitter Paul Overstreet. That single is set for its official release on Monday, October 10. However, KICKS 105 will get the jump on everyone else when we have the world debut of that single on Thursday morning around 9:30.

Flint Thompson will be in the studio with me on Thursday, October 6 from around 9:20 - 9:35 discussing the new album. We will also feature a couple of tracks from that album including the debut single.

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Here's what Flint had to say about the two songs we'll be featuring:

“We’ve Got To Keep On Meeting Like This"

I loved the song the 1st time I heard it! It just fit me and my style and had a great message. It was the hardest song we recorded because we couldn’t find the writer royalties for it, but after much research we finally got ahold of Paul Overstreet and Archie Jordan (the writers) and they personally called me on the phone and helped me gain the rights to release to radio as the first single. Writers this big NEVER call a smaller artist like me, but they went out of their way to tell us they loved our version of it and thought it would do well on radio and wished me the best with it.

“That Does It”

I knew this was a HIT the first time I heard it! We cut this song in 2012 on another project but it just “wasn’t right”…I didn’t like the arrangement, my delivery, it was just OFF so I never pushed it, but when we were picking songs for this NEW album, I was determined to get the right players, the right feel and deliver my vocal a little different to land it just right. And sure enough, I believe it came together just like it was supposed to the second time around! Everyone from my producer, musicians, friends, family, and promoters ALL said after listening to this new project.

You can listen to Flint Thompson's music on iTunes, Spotify, and many other major music listening formats and sites.

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