It's hard to believe that nearly 20 years have gone by since a teenager named Flint Thompson walked through the doors here at KICKS 105 and asked me if I could listen to a song he had just recorded.  99% of the time, I would ask the singer to please leave the CD with me so that I could listen to the song over and over while driving in my truck.  (My first impressions of a song aren't necessarily always the right impression, so I like to have the chance to listen to a song several times before forming my final opinion).

However, this time I sat down on the spot and listened to 'My Time with You' a few times and thought this was a song that would be quite popular with our listeners...and boy was it ever.

Now, let's flash forward to 2012 and Flint is now married and has a young boy, but he still loves to sing and perform when he gets the chance.

Thompson's new CD is called 'That Does it' and one of the first things I noticed is that he really showcases how powerful and wide of a vocal range he has.  One thing that hasn't changed, thankfully, is his commitment to singing songs that are positive on life, family, and faith.

I've included some of the songs from the CD, let us know which songs you like best...your input could have a big impact on which song Flint decides to release to radio first.


Bedtime Prayers



It's Never Been Easier



Take Another Run



Bad Case of Missing You



And as a special bonus, here's 'My Time with You'

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