Luke Bryan used Twitter to assure his fans that his elbow is fine after a minor surgery.

After pictures surfaced of the singer with his arm in a cast, the Twitterverse was abuzz with questions about the severity of the injury, as well as speculations about how the singer managed to injure himself. Bryan sent out a tweet on Saturday (March 28) to assure his fans that he was fine.

His tweet was shared over 800 times, proving that his loyal fans always have his back.

Bryan's left arm is in a sling from the Vanderbilt Bone and Joint physicians group in Nashville. Although there's no official word as to what caused him to need the minor surgery, it could be that it was chronic tendonitis.

Thanks to some of Nashville's finest doctors, though, Bryan will be back in business in no time. While tendonitis-related injuries can be common among guitar players, Bryan has managed to avoid anything serious.

Bryan will be back on the road for an April 12 showing at the Country Thunder USA festival in Florence, Ariz. He will hit the road on May 8 for his Kick the Dust Up tour, featuring opening acts Dustin Lynch and Randy Houser. The tour will also include seven stadium dates that will feature Florida Georgia Line.

For more information about his upcoming tour dates, visit his website.

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