One of my favorite artist is getting his own line of my favorite shoes? I gotta get my hands on a pair!

Luke Combs has teamed up with Crocs to sell Luke Combs X Cross exclusively at the CMA Fest in Nashville this week!

According to Crocs:

On 6/6, pick up a ticket at the Crocs booth to purchase the Luke Combs X Crocs
Classic Clog, featuring designs inspired by his guitar! Return to the Crocs booth
at the designated date and time to redeem your ticket and purchase your shoes.

So who is going to the CMA Fest that can get me a pair? Seriously, I would totally wear these! It doesn't say how much they are, but it really doesn't matter because I want to get my hands on these either way!

If you're going to the CMA Fest, try to snag a pair for yourself and for me! The Crocs booth is located on Broadway between 2nd Ave S. and 3rd Ave S.


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