It was another night of great rides at the Nacogdoches Pro Rodeo and Steer Show Friday night.

Six year old Mattie Nicholson of Lufkin had the top score of the night in the mutton bustin' competition with a ride that merited 82 points.   

Mattie's ride came on the sheep called 'Lindsey Lohan' - named that because the sheep looks good in white, but it's crazy as all get out.

Mattie's winning ride was a combination of mutton bustin' and demolition derby as Lindsey the sheep smashed full force into another sheep in the arena.  Despite the collision, Mattie held on tight for the winning score.

Come on out tonight for the final night of the rodeo and 11 more riders taking part in the mutton bustin' competition.

Here's a list of the riders from Friday along with their scores:

Braden Slatter - 75

AJ Knight - 72

Aaron Castillo - 70

Kaylee Tolbert - 70

Trace Martin - 70

Cutter McPherson - 74

Mattie Nicholson - 82