It's no secret that police departments across Deep East Texas are hiring, and the Diboll Police Department just got a new officer. That wouldn't be news, but this officer is special.

He is a 4-year-old German Shepherd trained in narcotics detection. He was donated, along with all of his training, by K9 Officers.

Their K9s are responsible for seizing over $90 million in narcotics, and that is precisely what this latest Diboll officer is here to do. K9 Officers is a non-profit that raises funds to donate police K9s and all the equipment needed to perform successfully on the job.

The Community Picked Diboll, Texas Newest Officer's Name 

The Diboll Police Department put up a poll to select a name for their newest K9 Officer. After all the comments, poll submission, and a few phone calls, the name Jack was picked to represent the Diboll Lumberjacks.

Now they are planning on putting a small lumberjack patch on his vest. Jack will even have his own Facebook page soon.

K9s Of Valor donated his vest and they have been instrumental in getting many K9s the ballistic protection they need. Now Jack just needed a handler.

Diboll, Texas Has One Of The Few Female K9 Handlers In The State 

There aren't that many K9s in the state and traditionally most handlers, like officers, have been male. Officer Nichole Boots will be one of the few female handlers in the state of Texas, and she now has a new partner and best friend.

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Not only will she be working with Jack on a daily basis, but he also goes home with her every night. K9s historically live with their handlers and I am sure they will form an amazing bond.  Stay safe out there Officer Boots and Jack.

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