Saturday, October 29, Merica Beverage Company will be hosting the grand opening party of their newest location at 4001 South Medford Drive, next to Cheddars in Lufkin. The celebration gets underway at 4 pm along with a live remote broadcast with KICKS 105 and Sean Ericson.

A quick glance at Merica's menu will show you that they specialize in coffee and coffee-based drinks, teas, and many flavors of daiquiris. There are many businesses in the Lufkin/Nacogdoches area that serve up a similar offering, but you should be aware of the differences that set Merica Beverage Company apart from all the others.

It All Starts With The Water

All water is pretty much the same unless you're talking about Merica's water. Their water is filtered and then injected with minerals to produce 'Star Creek Water', which is the basis of all their drinks from coffee to lattes to teas to daiquiris.

Like Adam Sandler said in 'The Waterboy', "That's some high-quality H2O". You will be able to taste the difference.

K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Merica Beverage Company believes that ordering a coffee drink should NOT be a confusing and intimidating process. At Merica, you won't find foreign words describing drink sizes, or a dizzying array of hard-to-pronounce drink choices.

What you will find, as seen in the menu board below, is a straightforward guide on what you can order and how to order, whether you want a hot coffee drink or an ice-cold frappe. By the way, try some dulce de leche or Irish cream in your coffee drink, you'll thank me later.

Menu Board

Why 'Merica'?

The owners and crew at Merica Beverage Company are proud to display the American Flag and red, white and blue colors throughout the store.

No, they are not affiliated with any sort of political movement, and no, they're not going to discuss polarizing topics of the day.

They believe the Merica philosophy involves treating customers like neighbors, serving up a high-quality product at a fair price, and trying their best to serve you a beverage that's going to make your day or night better.

Merica Beverage Company has two locations, in Lufkin next to Cheddars, and in Nacogdoches across from the Walmart Supercenter on North Street.

Merica Beverage Company


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