Miranda Lambert's current album 'Four the Record' has its share of serious, heavy material. But, sometimes girls just want to have fun! For her forthcoming fifth studio album, Lambert hopes to showcase that.

Later this summer, the hitmaker will begin recording her upcoming fifth studio record, and she says fans can expect a different type of music experience with the album. “I’m going into the studio in August to make my fifth solo album. And I think I’m just gonna have fun because I’ve been serious a lot. I’ve written songs about killing people and sad songs, and I really want to do a tour that’s just a lot of fun, so I want to do an album with more fun songs," Lambert tells AZ Central.

She adds, "And I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’ll definitely have my serious Miranda Lambert-style songs, but everything I’m listening to now that I’m liking is kind of a jam that you could listen to driving around on back roads or on your boat.”

One of the star's biggest inspirations for this new album mindset is her one and only -- the crazy-fun Blake Shelton and his new record 'Based on a True Story. “This might sound really cheesy,” Lambert says with a laugh, “But I really love Blake’s new record. It’s fun. And I think that’s one thing that got me thinking about that. He’s such a fun guy. It’s like he’s constantly waiting, on edge, to laugh at every turn.”

With her vibrant personality, it only makes sense that Lambert wants to bring a whole bunch of laughter onstage with her, too.

Writing a whole new album can be daunting, especially with all of the success she's seen over the years, including a recent win for Female Video of the Year at the 2013 CMAs and five No. 1 singles. While working on her new material, Lambert is constantly feeling the pressure, but tries to keep her nerves in check.

“I freak out every time. I’m like a basket case when it’s time to make a record," she admits. I get so nervous as to ‘Is this gonna work? Is this gonna be the album that stops selling, that stops getting nominated?’ I know that I can’t live like that. I can’t do my whole career like that. But it definitely crosses my mind.”

If Lambert is feeling a little uninspired during the process, all she needs to do is turn to her source of inspiration -- her husband -- and let loose with him, because everybody knows that Shelton likes to have a good time.

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