Good luck today with your office cubicle decorating contest.  You are rockin' those cob webs.

I have failed my children with my lack of Halloween decorations, so my 6-year old decided to take matters into her own hands and make something festive on her own.  And then the sprinkler system hit it.

I intended to put a black cat that says, "Boo" on the front door as a show of my incredible and enviable passion for Halloween decor, but I never got around to digging that out of the attic.

Because of that failure, my 6-year old decided to take charge of things.  She grabbed some paper out of the printer in my home office and found some black markers in the stash of homework pencils, and made this cool "Happy Halloween" sign.  She attached it to the stone on the front of the house with scotch tape, and the next morning the sprinkler system went off and drenched it.  That part kinda worked out well because it made the letters drip and look a little spooky.

Have you failed your kids this Halloween?  I'd love to hear your story.  We'll do better at Christmas!

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