We live in a day and age when it's not really a good time to be in the clown profession. Thanks to movies such as "It", clowns aren't always in a good light. These movies, and other reasons have caused many people to have a phobia of clowns. (Literally, look it up, it's called coulrophobia.) And, today in Nacogdoches, that point was proven.

Today, in a local medical facility - name withheld for obvious reasons - there was a man dressed up as a clown, handing out balloon animals to the public. There was also another man - name ALSO withheld for even more obvious reasons - that has that very phobia of clowns. Yeah, adding those two together DOES NOT make for a good combination.

The man rounded the corner of a hallway, and the clown stopped him, getting in his "personal space", and asked, "Are you having a happy day? Would you like a balloon animal?" To which the man declined, multiple times. When the clown would not stop, the man proceeded to...well...kick the clown in the groin. Yes, he kicked the clown between the legs.

The clown doubled over, for a few moments, then got up threatening to call the police...which he did. When the authorities showed up, he said he wanted to press charges and the police discussed it possibly being an action of self-defense. A local judge was summoned to discuss the matter on-site. He determined that the man who did the kicking was indeed acting in self-defense. And that's how it ended.

This is a legitimate story. Not spoof, not fake news, but truth. I think it's probably about time that the clown "profession" makes a getaway, before more damage is caused. People are legitimately scared of them. Oh well, that's just my opinion.

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