For the last several semesters, KICKS 105 has been proud to team up with Whataburger for the Teacher of the Day promotion.  Anyone in East Texas can nominate teachers to receive the daily honor by completing the form at the KICKS 105 website.  All those who are chosen as a Teacher of the Day are automatically in the end-of-semester drawing for a $1,000 classroom grant.

Wednesday morning, What-a-Guy and Maci Dover from Whataburger joined me (Danny Merrell) to make the surprise presentation of this semester's winner at the TJR Elementary talent show...and that teacher is Heather Jacks.  Here is what the person who nominated Mrs. Jacks wrote about her:

"You talk about a teacher that goes way above and beyond for her kids.
Not a day goes by that she does not start off with a prayer for each student at TJR. Every day she will pray that the Lord watches over her students and their school has a great day of learning everyday...Heather does so much for her students like buying them supplies and clothes with her own money to make sure they are eating proper and dress in the right suitable uniform required at TJR.
Please consider Heather Fuller Jacks for this most important honor and you will be proud of the fact that you have a good teacher working for our next generation."
A special thanks is in order to TJR Principal Paula Harshbarger for helping us to arrange the presentation and for keeping it under wraps.  Check out the video above.



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