According the the Reuters News service, Apple Inc., the worlds largest technology company, is expected to present it's redesigned iPhone on September 10th.  The rumor mill is swirling about the possible new features of the iPhone 5, including larger screens, cheaper models in a range of colors.  Click "Read More" to see pictures of what it'll look like!

Looks like we'll get access to two different models of iPhone in September.  The 5S, and the 5C.  The immediate differences will be that the 5S will have the standard Gorilla glass front and back.  The 5C will have a plastic case, and will be less expensive.  The 5S will also have a dual LED flash next to the rear facing camera.

Up front you'll find a long line atop the iPhone 5S' display in place of a short line and dot.  The front facing camera on the iPhone 5S appears to be positioned slightly higher than before and works with a smaller opening than the iPhone 5.

In regards to the rear facing camera, both lens ports appear to be smaller than their predecessors'.

The so-called 5C looks and feels similar to the 5, and 5S except for its rounded edges and plastic case.


The bottom of the 5C has room for a lightening port, headphone jack, and one speaker grill instead of 2.

Of course all of this could be speculation.  The only way to find out for sure is to wait until September 10th and see what Apple has up their sleeve!  I'm slightly Geeky when it comes to new technology!--Steve Rixx

Photographs courtesy of CNET