There was an article that went viral last month claiming a California-based fast food chain is more popular in Texas than our beloved Whataburger.  Seriously?  Sounds like they need a 2 am Taquito.

Prove your love for Whataburger with this handy idea for your own theme party at the house this weekend.

Whataburger is Texas-based, and there's just something about it that Texans love and will defend at all costs.  It must be the cheese.  Other fast-food restaurants have cheese, but it's not Whataburger cheese, ya know?  And then there's the Green Chile Double, and the Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich on the menu, along with thousands of combinations for creating our own custom burgers and that's pretty much everything we need to be happy.

A recent article said In-N-Out Burger is more popular than Whataburger in Texas, but we would like to point out that nobody goes to In-N-Out for a greasy burger at 2 am after a wild night out.  Probably because they're CLOSED.  The orange and white Whataburger logo will draw folks in though like Jack is drawn to Coke.

If you have a huge Whataburger fan in your life that's having a birthday soon, you might want to check out this Whataburger fantasy party pack.  Actually, it's called the Whataburger Birthday Bundle, but there's no need to get caught up in technicalities.

A custom, magnetic Whataburger branded box comes with these things, according to the Whataburger website:

12 orange and white striped plates
12 happy birthday napkins
12 orange balloons with white ribbon
12 white balloons with orange ribbon
12 party hats
6 photo props
1 happy birthday banner
1 fry candle
12 individual candles

Something tells me it won't be just kids ordering the Birthday Bundle.  It would work nicely for 40th birthday parties just as well, and even a Whataburger-themed wedding if you cross off "happy birthday" on the banner and write "Mr. and Mrs." instead.

It's $29.99 for the bundle.  Thanks, Whataburger, for helping us level-up our love for you.

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