The Nacogdoches Police department has been issuing door-to-door sales permits for a long time. Now they have decided for the safety of the public and the permit holders to release that information to the public consistently.

If someone comes to your door to sell something, they must have a permit for door-to-door sales from the city. You are encouraged to ask to see that permit.

If they can't produce a permit that should be a red flag, and you should proceed with caution. The city does not endorse the people who receive these permits, but a criminal history check is done.

Anyone Selling Or Soliciting In Nacogdoches Must Register With The City

Even if someone is not selling a product and is soliciting charitable donations, they must have a permit and be registered with the city. This permit is issued in the form of a letter.

It sets a specific date range that they are eligible to solicit along with other information. Now the City of Nacogdoches Police Department has been sharing information about the solicitors.

At the very least you know the validity of the person that is knocking on your door. If they are going to the trouble of getting a permit it is usually a legitimate business, but you will still have to stay vigilant about scams, as anything is possible.

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Permits Can Be Revoked For Door-To-Door Sales In Nacogdoches, Texas

If the salespeople are using "heavy sales tactics" or "high-pressure sales tactics" they can have their permits pulled by the city. They also cannot solicit after 7pm.

Door-To-Door Sales Permits For Nacogdoches

The following persons received permits on 8/12/2022. You might see them in your neighborhood selling door-to-door.

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