On Thursday afternoon, Vickie Goddard of Rye, Texas, became the 18th person to win $1,000 with the KICKS 105 PowerCash Call.  She was the 25th nationwide caller to win the Cash. 

Goddard started calling the phone number (1-877-854-9467) when she heard the cue to call on KICKS.  At first, it was nothing but busy signals, but after a few more dialings the phone was answered and she was informed that she won $1,000!  One of the first things that she's going to do with the money is buy a new dishwasher.

Every weekday in November, with the exceptions of November 26th and 27th, 2 persons are guaranteed to win $1,000.  KICKS VIP members have the added opportunity to win $10,000 which will be given away on December 1st.

Here's the list of the $1,000 winners so far

  1. Soni Coffman
  2. Deane Welsh
  3. Greeley Price
  4. Bobbie Klande
  5. Candace LaFleur
  6. Andrew Murdough
  7. Kyle Baker
  8. Charlene Taylor
  9. Steve Swan
  10. Iliany Nieves
  11. Marie Dafiglia
  12. Angie Welbes
  13. Robyn Collard
  14. Steve Bell
  15. Tammy Dean
  16. Ron Preadmore
  17. Elsa Villarreal
  18. Vickie Goddard