Every momma's been there—that point in one's pregnancy where things are just so physically big and awkward that it becomes difficult to do little things like, oh, say, tying one's shoelaces. Carrie Underwood is on her second trip around, pregnancy-wise, and she's officially reached the point where she needs some assistance with her glittery silver sneakers.

Luckily, she has two eager helpers. In the adorable video she shared on social media, husband Mike Fisher and son Isaiah each take on a shoe. Fisher, of course, has no problem tying up the sneaker, but Isaiah—who will be 4 in February—hasn't quite mastered the shoelace game yet.

He gamely insists he can do it, and when offered some help from Dad, he asserts, "I'm doing it the cool way."

"If you do it too cool, I can't get it off later," jokingly notes Underwood. "Daddy'll fix it."

Baby Underwood Is Here!

Isaiah isn't too happy about that, giving a resounding "Noooo!" However, we're sure this will spur him to practice on his own shoes. Underwood is due with another son very soon—she has not shared an official due date, but it's expected (and looking as if) he'll be arriving in the next few weeks—so perhaps Isaiah will be ready to help tie his baby brother's shoes by the time he comes around!

Underwood released her new Cry Pretty album in September, and she has announced a major tour in 2019.

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