This might be some extra incentive to grab the local produce at the Angelina County Farmers Market this spring.

Strange winter weather around the US is impacting crops, and that means prices might be going up on the food that's trucked in from other places.  

Parts of the South have had a mild winter, and that means the peach trees are blooming early.  Some of the experts that talked to the Today Show are worried that a late freeze could still happen, which would wipe out much of the crop before the growers can get the peaches picked.  That would send prices up.  They're saying foods like blueberries and almonds could be affected too.

You know how I love to read between the lines, and I think what they mean is the healthy foods could get pricier, but the junk is still cheap.  If you live off of chips, no change!

The Angelina County Farmers Market is open for the season.  Yay! Plenty of time to grab the local produce and be part of the farm-to-table movement.

I still love the grocery stores and spent an hour and a half in one with my three kiddos last weekend, but the Farmers Market is great too for fresh fruits and veggies, local eggs, and jams and jellies. We're always happy to have more local options for things.

See ya at the Farmers Market...

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