RaeLynn dishes positivity with fragile sincerity in her new song "Queens Don't." The singer's new single recalls her biggest radio hit to date in theme only.

The country confidence booster is an arrow aimed at the meaty part of her target demographic. Young, female fans will find lots to love about "Queens Don't," while those on the outside (read: old dudes) may simply roll their eyes and go with it. Her message is simple: "You're worth it."

That's a familiar message from women in country music in 2018, but can a vulnerable society ever hear those words too much? RaeLynn's twist is framing her story amidst everyman royalty, a kind of grace and confidence that comes with treating yourself and other people how God intended. Her delicate Texas twang is well-suited for this, giving off hints that she's very much trying to live up to the standards she's describing. A more classic vocalist would overpower the lyric and the result would be something preachy. Much like she did on "God Made Girls" in 2014, RaeLynn hits the mark with "Queens Don't."

Did You Know?: "Queens Don't" co-writer J Hart helped write Keith Urban's "Wasted Time," as well as songs for Rita Ora, Justin Bieber and Charlie Puth. Corey Crowder and RaeLynn also helped write this single.

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RaeLynn, "Queens Don't" Lyrics:

I wasn’t raised in a castle / Grew up on the outskirts of town / No dresses with golden tassels / Rings on my hand are handed down / But I’m gonna find the one that needs me / Sees me and treats me like I’m already royalty / There ain't nothing priceless on my wrist / I might not fly private / But that don’t mean I ain’t a queen.

Queens don’t hate, queens don’t fight / Queens don’t stay unless their king treats her right / Every jewel on my crown you better believe I earned it / Won’t keep people around that don’t believe I deserve it / No, queens ain’t fake / A queen’s gonna rule just the way she was made / I ain’t bout to let nobody come and take me off this throne / Some girls might but queens don’t.

No I don’t need the tallest tower / To prove to anyone I ain’t weak / I turn my pain into power / Every tear’s a diamond on my cheek.

Queens don’t break, they just get stronger / There ain't nothing they can’t conquer.

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