At this point, it’s pretty clear that Kings of Leon singer Caleb Followill was dealing with a lot more than just heat exhaustion when he left the stage during the band’s show in Dallas last Friday — and that the band was thinking about more than the weather when it pulled the plug on its American tour.

But as far as Robert Earl Keen is concerned, the next time around, the band should think of a better excuse.

“Those guys are sissies, man,” said Keen when asked about the Kings of Leon debacle by an El Paso radio host. “Let me tell you, I hear a lot of complaining from those guys, and you know what, ‘Man up!’ is what I say. They’re half my age, get up out of your bunk and go play your guitar.”

That’s pretty solid advice — this is the music business, after all — and Caleb might do well to keep it under consideration after he finishes his stint in rehab. Who knows? Maybe Keen can give the boys in the band some pointers when he hits the road to promote his upcoming album, ‘Ready for Confetti,’ due August 30.

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