In 2008, Rodney Atkins became the official spokesperson for the National Council for Adoption.  Atkins himself was given up for adoption so he thought it would be a perfect fit. As he got more involved with the NCA, he decided that he wanted to do whatever he could to find his birth mother.  

According to an interview with, Rodney said he found out that his birth mom was 19 when she had him and gave him up for adoption.

Within a few months of starting the search, he located his birth mom and the tears just started pouring from the two.  She kept on saying "I'm sorry", and Atkins kept on saying "Thank you".

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About eight months after the reunion, Atkins received a birthday package in the mail from his birth mother. She had learned that Atkins had played baseball as a kid and idolized Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Steve Garvey. The package contained Garvey’s MVP card, a baseball and a Dodgers jersey, all personally autographed by Garvey.

Atkins was stunned. He called his birth mom and thanked her profusely, saying she did not have to do this.

“She told me, ‘You have to understand, Rodney, to me this is your first birthday.’“