If it's too good to be true, well it most likely is. People all around Lufkin are getting approached by unknown men in local parking lots. The line is that they have a 4K TV that they have "left over" from working at Buffalo Wild Wings, and they have to get rid of it cheap. All they need is your credit card. A quick call to our local Lufkin BWW confirmed that they aren't having any work done, and that this is a scam.

They might be after you credit card information, or worse try to get you into their car. Same scam has been going around for years, selling cologne and other items. The guys have been working the area for the past couple of days. If you get approached by anyone you don't know, especially if they are trying to sell you a TV, contact the local authorities.

You can always call Crime Stoppers 936-639-TIPS. This is just an old school "White Van Speaker Scam" you can even see that it's been going on since the 1980's. At best you get an inferior product, at worst, they get your credit card information, or put you in the van.


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