According to a release from the Lufkin Police Department, around 3:15 a.m., Tuesday morning, police we received a report of a vehicle burglary in progress in which one of the two suspects fired upon a homeowner at 109 Castlewood Circle off of Pershing Avenue.

The homeowner said he woke up to the sound of a small, 4-cylinder car running near his home and looked out the window to see a large, black male at the rear of his truck. He also noticed his neighbor’s brake lights lit up, leading him to believe someone was inside his neighbor’s vehicle.

The man said he spent a short amount of time looking for his gun, only to realize he had left it locked inside his vehicle. He then walked outside to get a better look at the suspect and saw a second black male jogging toward his neighbor’s vehicle.

The homeowner said he yelled at the suspects and in response, the second suspect pulled a gun and fired at him three times – the first shot passing by his head and the second going through his truck windshield.

The homeowner said he fell to the ground to prevent from being shot.

The suspects then fled the neighborhood in the small car.

The homeowner described the suspect near his truck as 6'0, 225 pounds, wearing baggy clothes. He described the other suspect as 6'0, 170 pounds, wearing a light-blue shirt and shorts.

The homeowner was not injured during the incident.

We just want to take a moment to remind everyone not to leave valuables inside vehicles – locked or not. Especially guns.

We ask anyone with information to call the Department at 936-633-0356 or Crime Stoppers at 936-639-TIPS if they wish to remain anonymous.


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